About Us

Our Story

The origin of Seward Motor Freight can be traced back to the early 1940’s when it was formed to haul freight between Omaha and Seward, Nebraska. After having had several owners through the years, Wayne and Joan Tanderup purchased and incorporated the business in 1969. At the time they purchased the business, they had seven employees working for them.

The business continued to grow throughout the 1970’s and Wayne and Joanie acquired long haul permits from the I.C.C. (Interstate Commerce Commission) to haul general commodities throughout the continental United States. In 1987, Seward Motor Freight was granted contract authority. Throughout the 1980’s, several smaller carriers were acquired by Seward Motor Freight, Inc., expanding their base of operations and driver base.

Who We Are

Seward Motor Freight, Inc.’s Boad of Directors include Joan Tanderup serving as President, Ron Niemoth serving as Corporate Secretary-Treasurer, Joyce Helge as Vice President of Operations and Erich Helge as Vice President of Safety.

Seward Motor Freight, Inc. moved to a new 6 1/2 acre office and fleet maintenance facility at I-80 and Highway 15 in 1985.


To build the nation’s economy by being the dependable solution for delivering freight


We provide freight delivery solutions through building trusted relationships with our clients and building a network of dependable transportation professionals.  Our entire team believes in what we do and the impact of keeping our nation’s economy moving forward.

Core Values


Trust is built on honesty and reliability. We are transparent in all communication in order to work towards solutions swiftly and accurately


We are a team of individuals with independent responsibilities that all work towards a collective goal.

Value Others

We understand that our success depends on not only how we conduct ourselves but the relationships we build. We will respect and value others as we would like to be valued.


We do everything we can to keep our commitments to our clients.


We meet challenges with proactive solutions and a positive attitude. Change will not waiver our commitments to our clients, to ourselves, or to our company’s commitment to others.


We speak honestly, accurately and respectfully to others as industry professional, to ensure the best outcomes and response times to achieve our goals.